Chic & Customized Wedding Gift Ideas

Posted by Aniket Mahajan on 2 Jun, 2016 comments(2)

When it comes to Desi weddings, attention is always more focused on the bride than the groom. It’s easy to forget that it’s an exhaustive process for him too! Do you want to make his day extraordinary? Send him a gift of your love and appreciation to begin the day! On top of that, gifting the groom has always been a fun project! Let’s make this day more special for both of you! Here we have listed some popular and trending wedding gifts for groom from bride of today. Analyze what your love will like and what you want him to have!

Dealing With Last Minute Jitters Before the Wedding Day

Posted by V. P. Deshmukh on 11 April, 2016 comments(5)

Wedding planning is nerve-racking! A lot more for a bride as she’s been day-dreaming about having the perfect fairytale wedding ever since she’s been watching the whimsical stories of Disney Princesses. Yeah Disney has indeed spoilt us silly! Days preceding the wedding, brides tend to get more anxious about every little detail surrounding their wedding planning. Will the decorator cut down the price for the jute runners you’ve wanted to set on your table decor? What if the lehenga doesn’t fit? What if the caterers mess up with the food arrangement? What if this, what if that?! The series of “what ifs” could simply slip a bride into an anxiety or panic attack. To avoid from getting overwhelmed with all such nuances of your wedding it’s essential you calm your nerves by breathing in – breathing out and believe that everything will just be fine. Begin to whip up your wedding, the way you’ve been planning for it and pinning those gazillion boards on Pinterest. If all these tips as a starter don’t work out, scroll on as we give you some cool suggestions to bust those last minute nervous breakdown moments you may or may not go through days preceding your wedding.

Capturing Your Celebrations

Posted by Vishwa Patil on 7 feb, 2016 comments(2)

Your most precious one in a lifetime moment! The story of your life is about to take an exciting turn, as your life partner joins you, for taking your life’s journey to another level. We understand the sanctity of this moment, and what it means to you and your family. The emotions, the ceremonies, the smiles, the tears. We click all of these candid moments. We will shoot the story around every cherished moment of your gala event. And capture every step of your journey towards everlasting togetherness. We will seamlessly integrate your loved ones in this visually emotional saga and share the visual story with everyone who shares your joy on the special day.